As we learned back in March, the side-scrolling action game Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is getting its very own anime adaptation. Originally released on Switch in 2020 by Marvelous, today it was revealed that the anime version is scheduled to premiere July 2024. You can check out a new look at the upcoming anime in the trailer above.

The Sakuna anime was announced by TOHO Animation, and will be produced by P.A. Works, the team behind shows like Shirobako and Hanasaku Iroha. We also know that multiple characters and voice actors returning from the original game have been confirmed.

As for the cast behind Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin anime, you can get the breakdown below.

  • Sakuna (voiced by Naomi Oozora)
  • Tama (voiced by Takashi Narumi)
  • Kokorowa (voiced by Rika Kinugawa)
  • Tauemon (voiced by Ryota Yano)
  • Myrthe (voiced by Hikari Kubota)
  • Kinta (voiced by Soma Maeda)
  • Yui (voiced by Aoi Koga)
  • Kaimaru (voiced by Rika Momokawa)
  • Lady Kamuhitsuki (voiced by Miwa Kohinata)
  • Ashigumo (voiced by Riki Kagami)
  • Ishimaru (voiced by Yuji Kameyama)

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