Developer Monochrome Paris have announced that they’re bringing Paris Belle Epoque to the Switch sometime in the future. You can check out the latest trailer for the game above.

In Paris during the Belle Epoque, you play the role of a young whistleblower scientist. Holder of a secret and murderous formula she discovered accidentally, Anna fled, taking with her the composition of this chemical threat. The entire Paris police force is looking for her and she is now considered public enemy number 1. Every citizen is a potential denouncer because his wanted poster is everywhere. Teamed up with her former laboratory rat Spunky, will have to learn clandestinity, solitude and tame her fears.

To save yourself, there is only one way out: let the truth come out.

Throughout this epic adventure, the player will have to demonstrate his attention by observing the environment and its potential threats and learn how to stealth. All his reactivity and precision are necessary to hide himself using NPCs and elements of the environment.

The game is punctuated with puzzles based on cooperation between the two main characters in splitscreen mode to see the world on two different scales. The player will also have to neutralize frontal and bosses’ opponents with the help of Spunky in a very smart way. The larger needs the smaller and vice versa.

The player will also have to use their skills to escape the police chase that is triggered every time they lose a stealth challenge or Anna encounters a police officer guarding the streets of Paris. These wacky races are inspired by cartoons and slapstick spirit for maximum fun.

Dive into the captivating story of Anna and Spunky! Immerse yourself in a 2.5D adventure game with magical and detailed Artistic Direction, a huge panel of evolutive and paced games mechanics, a lively environment full og cartoon animations, 60s original and catchy music.

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