The next G-MODE Archives+ title for Switch has been revealed. G-MODE Archives+: Persona 3 Aigis: The First Mission is heading to the Switch in Japan on June 6th, 2024, and there’s no word of localization at this time. Persona 3 Aigis: The First Mission originally launched for mobile phones in 2007.

This work features Aigis who appeared in Persona 3 (released in 2006) as the main character. A 3D action RPG distributed on feature phones as a side story.

The story takes place in 1999 at the Kirijo Ergonomics Institute in Yakushima. When the Type 7 Aigis arrives on the island, an incident occurs during a training exercise. The past story of Aigis, which was never told in the main story of Persona 3, is now revealed…

In addition to original characters, characters that appeared in the main story also appear! Additionally, the familiar “Persona” system from the series is still alive and well in this game. Raise Aigis’ level, strengthen her equipment, and conquer the shadows that appear on the island.

The setting of this work is Yakushima, 10 years before the main story Persona 3. In addition to the original characters of this work, characters that appeared in the main story will also appear and color the story.

Aigis exercises held on an island surrounded by nature. “A certain incident” happened during that time… A story related to Aigis’ past that was never told in the main story will now be revealed.

Original characters with strong personalities just like the original. What kind of relationship will they have with Aigis from 10 years ago?

As you defeat enemies, you will gain experience points and Aigis will level up. You can also purchase equipment using the money you get along with experience points. In particular, there are three types of weapons, each with their own unique attack methods, so it’s fun to switch them out depending on the battle situation and preference.

Equipment can be purchased at the “Workshop” in the “Lab.” The workshop also sells other items, which have effects such as restoring Aigis’ hit points.

The “persona” that can be said to be a feature of the original work is alive and well in this work. Help Aigis with powerful attacks and support skills. However, once used, “SP (Soul Points)” will be consumed, and it cannot be used until the gauge returns to full through recovery over time.

Persona will learn new skills when Aigis’s level reaches a certain level.

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