Paleo Pines has been updated to Ver. 1.4.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Added Sarcosuchus, along with two new dreamstones.
  • Memory optimizations, particularly when building pens.
  • More species are now eligible to spawn after the Triassea Picnic.
  • Fixed small dinos lagging behind when following by spending too long looking for treasure after the player had moved on.
  • Fixed Lucky sometimes feeling sad after completing the main quest.
  • Fixed timing of Desmatosuchus friend call notes.
  • Fixed Triassea Picnic spawns interfering with Valley Triceratops spawns.
  • You can no longer sell Avery’s hubs before completing the relevant quest. Missing hubs will be restored for free in existing saves.
  • Fixed loading older saves where items were dropped out of bounds and couldn’t be reached.
  • Fixed Coelophysis animation when interacting with a ball.
  • Fixed a soft lock when filling water using the medium pond.
  • Improved Troodon petting animation.
  • Fixed animation desyncs when riding Megalosaurus or Postosuchus.
  • Fixed harvest quantity/quality boost icons when mounted – these icons now appear to indicate that the boosts are active when harvesting using a dino.
  • Freya can now craft sandstone walls when reaching ‘close friend’ with her.
  • Fixed stats incorrectly displaying 6 total Poppins rather than 5.
  • Fixed incorrect coloring of a Deinonychus pattern (Xbox One/PS4/Switch only).
  • Fixed the yellow Ariacotta cushion requiring red cloth to craft.
  • Reduced recipe cook chance when adding the correct quantities of all required ingredients, but also extra ingredients which aren’t part of the recipe. This fixes recipes which extend another recipe, such as Pasta Carnotaura.
  • Fixed dinos freezing when harvesting wild collectables with less than 15 stamina.
  • Removed floating mushrooms in Dapplewood (Switch only).
  • Fixed ‘Treasure’ T. rex color being lost when loading pre-1.3 save data.

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