A Cat & His Boy, is a heartwarming narrative adventure about a cat that helps a young boy cope with his parents’ divorce. It will be released digitally for Switch today for $2.99, with a special 20% discount during the first week of its launch.

Leif, the little boy, is feeling a bit sad since that happened. Take on the role of Midnight, the mischievous cat, and help your human friend through a rough time in his life. Use all your feline intuition to help lift Leif’s mood and find value in himself again!

“A Cat & His Boy” is a short top-down adventure narrative game about a cat that helps a little kid cope with his parents’ divorce. Explore, find items and help other characters to fulfill your mission and make Leif happy!


  • It’s a homebrew Game Boy game with extras!
  • Lovely and cozy short adventure with a charming story and cute characters.
  • 1-bit art style (black & white!)
  • Loaded with digital extras: Game manual, Art gallery, and a Music player.
  • A dedicated Meow button!

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