1000xRESIST snuck out on the Switch eShop the other week and it’s one of the most impactful and meaningful games I’ve ever played. You can see me gush all about it in our review! Now, thanks to a new interview with the dev team, I’ve learned that the game came to be thanks to some of my other favorite shows and movies!

Any creation out there was inspired by things that came before it, and 1000xRESIST is no different. In an interview with Point N Think, 1000xRESIST creative director Remy Siu opened up about the many inspirations behind the title, and it turns out he’s a fan of numerous shows and movies that many of you no doubt hold close as well.

…I was very inspired by animated shorts like Adventure Time and Steven Universe, by their ability to maneuver within their universe and tell diverse stories.

…I think Star Trek is an important reference for me. I actually learned to speak English by watching Star Trek and playing video games like Day of the Tentacle , Monkey Island , and Indiana Jones. These experiences were fundamental for me. Star Trek, especially the ’90s series, has had a profound impact. Episodes of Deep Space Nine , such as The Visitor and Far Beyond the Stars , as well as The Next Generation ‘s Darmok and The Inner Light , have been particularly influential. These episodes delve deep into the human mind and explore what it means to be human, something 90s Star Trek did exceptionally well. This approach has considerably influenced my conception of science fiction.

As a result, much of the game leans toward soft sci-fi. While we want the story to be interconnected and complete, the focus remains on a softer, more human-centered sci-fi perspective. I’m interested in examining the human condition, often through the lens of magical realism, rather than straight science fiction. Adventure Time, while not traditionally considered science fiction, has also influenced the way I tell stories. The series reminded me that stories can be both funny and profound. It shows how we can weave multiple timelines and unexpected connections, which inspired my narrative approach. Adventure Time ‘s blend of humor and depth was a crucial influence on the way I think about storytelling in the science fiction genre.

[Remy Siu, creative director]

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