You never know what game Nightdive Studios is going to revive. They keep pulling from the 90s and 2000s to find gems that deserve a revamp, giving the games we see with rose-tinted glasses the love and care they deserve for a return. They’ve worked with countless classic franchises to bring them back to modern consoles, and the latest example of that is PO’ed: Definitive Edition.

Now PO’ed might seem like an odd choice, as the game certainly has its fans, but it’s not as big as other Nightdive releases like Turok. How on Earth did PO’ed: Definitive Edition become a thing? In an interview with Kotaku, Nightdive director of business development Larry Kuperman and CEO and studio head Stephen Kick said it was all due to a team member’s birthday wish.

Nightdive director of business development Larry Kuperman: “The inspiration for the game came from Sam “Kaiser” Villarreal, our lead KEX developer. Sam played the game when it originally came out and it had (and still has) a special place in his heart. He wanted to remaster PO’ed. And here we are.”

Nightdive CEO and studio head Stephen Kick: “After tracking down the original developers we put a deal in place to make it happen. They were absolutely thrilled to hear that PO’ed would be getting the Nightdive treatment.”


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