Publisher NACON has announced that they’re bringing Cat Rescue Story to the Switch, and it’s set to launch on Sept. 26th, 2024. You can see what the game is like in the trailer above, which showcases footage from the mobile version.

An abandoned cardboard box stands in front of a once beautiful house. A cat needs help and is waiting for you! In Cat Rescue Story, you take in cats, care for and feed them, play with them, treat all the kitties and when the cats are fully cared for, you can find a new pet lover for the cats. At the same time, you renovate and decorate the old house and make room for many new kitties. An exciting cat game with many challenging tasks!

In the old house there used to live an old lady who took care of all the cats. Now you are in her place and take over all the tasks. Every now and then a cat comes to your front door and wants to be taken in by you. But do you have enough space? Make sure that you have done all the chores in the house, the rooms are tidy and decorated and the treatment room is ready for small examinations. A vet is at your side to help with the cat care.

In the course of the story, you will not only learn a lot about life in the village, the villagers and the cats, but you will also solve the mystery of your great-aunt’s disappearance.


  • Many different cat colors
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Customize, decorate and furnish your house
  • Choose between different styles of furniture
  • Treatment room for the cats
  • Play fun mini-games
  • Transform the old mansion into new splendour
  • Cat collection
  • Use your home grown plants to attract rare cats
  • Match the stray cats with a new pet owner

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