3D puzzle adventure "Guayota" announced for Switch

Get ready for the kids to call this one Gyatta

30 May 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer Team Delusion has announced that they’re bringing Guayota to the Switch sometime in 2024. You can see the latest trailer for this title above.

Inspired by legends related to the Canary Islands and the Guanches mythology, Guayota depicts the story of a group of explorers, sent by the Spanish Kingdom to find the legendary Saint Brendan’s Island. As the protagonist, you will soon understand that this island, said to be paradise on Earth, might actually hide darker secrets.

Immerse yourself in a rich puzzle game that draws inspiration from the legend of Saint Brendan. As you look for your companions, you will explore ancient gods’ temples, each guarding a deep secret and offering a piece of the island’s mysterious past.

Equipped with a torch, you must utilize the powers of fire, lights, and lasers to navigate through temples and solve their enigmas. As you progress, the challenges become increasingly complex, requiring keen observation.

As you explore each temple, you’ll encounter two distinct modes: The “Real World” and “The Plane of Madness”. Reality can sometimes be deceiving: exploring both will be crucial in your quest for the truth.

Each temple presents its own unique enigmas and dangerous traps. And as your journey on Saint Brendan continues, you will encounter more challenges involving new ways of solving puzzles.

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