Join Pikachu and Charmander as they stroll through a rocky realm that’s brimming with Pokémon pals in the Pokémon Center’s exclusive new Mountain of Discovery figure. Each of these Pokémon Center figures is individually numbered and even includes a certificate of authenticity bearing that unique number.

Chock full of details from every angle, you’ll see little stories playing out on this figure no matter where you look. Sure, it’s hard to miss the Onix bursting through the side of the mountain, but what about the Shuckle hiding in the caverns below? Or the Noibat hanging upside down from the cave’s ceiling? And what’s Bidoof getting up to? In all, there are over a dozen Pokémon on this figure—how many can you discover?

Standing tall at 15 ½ inches, with both width and depth just over 15 inches, the Mountain of Discovery figure is impressively large. That size, of course, allows for intricate detail—and yes, loads of Pokémon frolicking in every nook and cranny. It’s sure to be a standout piece in your Pokémon collection.

This monumental figure is available now at Pokémon Center for $230. Set out and explore the Mountain of Discovery, Trainers!

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