The Dude Perfect brand is branching out further into gaming with the release of Dude Perfect Dodgeball, a Fortnite Creative experience you can play right now. All you have to do is fire up Fortnite and use the island code 6049-0391-0019 to get in on the action.

In Dude Perfect Dodgeball, up to 16 players spawn onto a yacht to find Dude Perfect’s Tyler to greet them on the island. Entering the game with three lives and a blaster that fires GoPro-branded dodgeballs, players collect orbs throughout the island to level up for showdowns against other players. Players who get hit with a ball lose a life – or all three if hit by a Golden Ball – and will fight to stay in the game as long as possible to increase their score, earn in-game currency, and purchase power-ups.

“Fortnite is a natural fit for us to give our fans a way to immerse themselves in games, just like we do,” said Coby Cotton from Dude Perfect. “As our first entry to Fortnite, we wanted to create a game that embodies the spirit of Dude Perfect, and dodgeball combines both the sports and high energy our team loves to feature in our content. There will be more coming, and we hope to see you in the game!”

“We’ve been fans of Dude Perfect since they published their first video on YouTube in 2009. They are pioneers in creative video making and have been using GoPro cameras since they began their channel, which made this partnership an easy yes for us,” said Rick Loughery, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at GoPro. “Dude Perfect embodies the playful and imaginative spirit of GoPro. We’re excited to support their brand through this partnership and to reach a new audience of Dude Perfect fans and Fortnite enthusiasts through in-game integration.”

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