Great news for fans of tower defense games! Lesson Learned will be available on Nintendo Switch June 6th, 2024. Jump into a world of dreams and twisted creatures. Play solo or with friends in co-op mode to face dangerous opponents.

Help Frank travel through history in this unique approach to the tower defense genre. This tower defense game will take you on a journey through historical eras alongside our main character - Frank. This regular schoolboy suddenly gets stuck in a bizarre daydream world. Journey through various historical eras and save your classmates. They will become your minions who will help you in the next stages of your adventure. Collect resources, build and upgrade towers, and fend off waves of twisted creatures to defend your base. Play with friends in split-screen mode and work together to counter various enemies known from history books.

In Lesson Learned, cooperation is the key to victory. Invite friends to play and together fend off hordes of oncoming enemies in split-screen co-op mode. Share responsibilities, coordinate tasks and work as a team to defend your base. Complete the campaign together, and also try to get the best score in individual missions.

Your base needs to be defended against upcoming waves of enemies! This bizarre daydream world is full of strange, twisted creatures serving characters based on real historical figures. Counter the attack of Roman warriors, medieval clerics, French Revolution soldiers and many others.

A journey through historical eras awaits you in a story of Frank and his classmates. Start in prehistory and complete missions to travel through time. Encounter enemies known from history books and defend your base from their troops. Some of them will attack you from land and others from the air. Choose the best strategy for each fight.

Collect raw materials, such as wood and stone, to build and upgrade defensive towers. Unlock new types by defeating bosses at the end of each era. Use the help of your classmates. They will follow your orders, so manage them well. Together, don’t let the opponents destroy the base!

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