There’s been plenty of official LEGO products recently from Nintendo, but today we’re turning our attention to a fan creation that looks good enough to be the real deal.

The Tokyo University Lego Club has put in a ton of work to recreate Pokémon Scarlet’s Naranja Academy in LEGO form. Believe it or not, while this is a one-off build, the Pokémon Company actually commissioned it. I’d say they did a stellar job, as this recreation looks spot-on with what you see in the game.

As this is a massive build, it’s not surprising to learn that students spent a whopping three months building all the pieces of LEGO Naranja Academy. Even then the work wasn’t done, as it took the team 7 days to put all their build pieces together into the final design above. If you’d like to get a closer look at this build, you can see photos from different angles here.

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