Back in July of last year, Limited Run Games revealed that they were bringing the classic PlayStation 1 title Tomba! to modern-day platforms digitally and physically, Switch included. We now know that the game is set to arrive on August 1st, 2024, so we don’t have that long to wait!

Tomba is a colorful action platformer originally published by Sony Computer Entertainment and beloved by hardcore PlayStation fans. In an era where side-scrollers were being left behind for polygon-pushing 3D gameplay, creator Tokuro Fujiwara decided to do something different: a beautiful blend of old and new, something truly unique.

In an interview with the PlayStation blog, Fujiwara talked about why now is the right time for Tomba to make a return.

Tomba has been around for a long time, but continues to be loved by many. I’ve long wished that the game could be accessible to more people on modern systems. Now that the opportunity is here, I think PlayStation fans today will get a ton of enjoyment out of Tomba.

[creator Tokuro Fujiwara]

Fujiwara has a lot more to say about Tomba, sharing insight into the game’s original development, its unique 2D/3D approach and more. There’s also some design docs like the one above that show how the game was built back in the day. If you’d like to read the full interview and check out the various assets, you can find it here.

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