It seems like athletes the world over are big fans of gaming. Since plenty of these professional players are constantly on the road for travel, they’re always looking for something to keep busy with. That makes the Switch a perfect companion, as it’s incredibly easy to pack up and take on the road. While we don’t know for sure who does/doesn’t have a Switch, we’re willing to bet Oneil Cruz takes one with him wherever he goes.

Oneil Cruz is a shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and there’s no doubt he’s got a deep appreciation for all things Nintendo. Cruz and the Pirates just played a MLB game tonight, and the cameras got up-and-personal with Cruz’s cleats to showcase just how deep his love of Nintendo goes.

As you can see from the pictures, Cruz has gotten himself a custom pair of cleats that are stuffed full with Nintendo tributes. In a somewhat Smash Bros.-esque showing, you can find the likes of Mario, Peach, Yoshi and others littering the shoes. Above all those fan favorites is Donkey Kong, who takes more than a starring role on the shoes. We’re guessing when Cruz plays Smash Bros. Ultimate, he’s a DK main!

Thanks to Jason for the heads up!

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