While Nintendo has used various colors to represent themselves over the years, they’ve never completely ditched their red-and-white iconic logo. The two-toned color is forever emblazoned in the mind of Nintendo fans worldwide, and now the Big N has further cemented that color scheme with a sign update.

Nintendo of America’s headquarters recently got a small, but striking makeover. As you can see above, Nintendo has ditched the gray-and-white signage outside of their HQ for a much more familiar red-and-white. Everything else about the sign remains exactly the same, but there’s no doubt going with the red option makes for a much more striking appearance.

We’re not sure why Nintendo felt now was the time to revamp their signage, but the end result is a logo that really dials in the nostalgia. Makes you wonder if Nintendo is going to use the red-and-white approach on all of their products sometime in the near future as well.

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16d ago

and now, NCL will change their primary color to blue, for the laughs.