Developer MindThunk and publisher Klabater have announced that Ctrl Alt Ego is making its way to Switch. There’s no release date to share at this time.

Warning: This game will mess with your mind. Put aside your gaming preconceptions and embrace the unique experience that is Ctrl Alt Ego. Play the role of yourself, minus your body.

Transmit yourself between bots and devices and exploit the innovative mechanics to solve problems your way. Explore a deep, nonlinear, interconnected world, evocative of 70s/80s era low-budget British sci-fi television.

Shoot, sneak or get creative, be pacifist or executor. Enjoy a darkly farcical story about the future of human consciousness. If you enjoy immersive sims, there’s every chance you’ll enjoy this.

If you don’t know what an immersive sim is, but you enjoy thinking for yourself and solving puzzles with no preordained solution, this game is for you. If you’re an experienced gamer looking for a fresh, engrossing experience, you just found it!

There’s no inventory… the environment itself is your always-available on-demand diegetic inventory. There is no ‘player death’ in Ctrl Alt Ego. Your invincible, disembodied ego always lives on. If your current host is toast, pick another and carry on.

(Note: there is a traditional save/load facility too, in case you refuse to accept who you are)

Once you’ve ctrl’d a robot, it is yours to keep. Amass an army and bring it with you. Use robots to get around the old fashioned way, or ‘hop’ from one side of an area to another in a near-instant.

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