The Map has been set, the die is waiting to be cast, and your role choice as Killer or Survivor lies before you. Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragon is out now. Here’s what you need to know about what awaits in this deadly new adventure.

Our story unfolds in the crumbling Forgotten Ruins, where the arch-villain, Vecna—The Lich, will stop at nothing to achieve his gruesome ambitions. Aestri Yazar, a Bard, has found herself cast into this forsaken land. She must survive at all costs—for who else will tell the tale should she perish?

How you play and succeed in this adventure is up to you. Will you customize your look and venture into the dark dungeon with your party? Or will you choose your spells and sow the seeds of chaos as you’ve done many times before?

This is Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons.

Vecna—Dark Spellcaster, Conqueror of Realms

What would a tale be without a villain to define it? Embody the role of legendary tyrant Vecna—The Lich, as the newest Killer. The Whispered One. Lord of the Rotted Tower. The Master of Secrets. Few dare speak his true name, for his is a breed of evil unlike any other and his thirst for dark knowledge can never be satiated.

As he travelled through realm after realm, the contents of his Book of Vile Darkness grew larger. The dark spells within its pages gave rise to an empire, stoking fear in all who stood in his way. Harness this book and cast 4 spells to terrorize and decimate the unwanted pests standing in your way.

Channeling his necromancy, Flight of the Damned conjures 5 flying spectral entities in a cone-shaped form, passing through obstacles and damaging any Survivor it hits. Fly elevates Vecna from the ground, making him move quickly in a forced-forward motion. While flying, he can pass through one Pallet or Vault, letting him quickly cover great distances. A well-known Dungeons & Dragons Spell, Mage Hand creates a ghastly, phantasmic hand that can tag nearby Pallets. If the Pallet is lowered, the hand will raise it. If it’s already raised, it blocks use of it for a few seconds, putting you that much closer to a fleeing Survivor. Dispelling Sphere conjures a moving AOE sphere that is undetectable to Survivors. Should they come in contact with it, their location is revealed, and their precious Magical Items become disabled.

Vecna and his spellbook introduce magic to Dead by Daylight in a way never before explored. Use these abilities to tap into a dark new method of conquering your foes and spreading fear wherever you roam.

Aestri Yazar—A Bard’s Ingenuity

Words and music possess a power far beyond mere vibrations of air. This fact, every Bard holds dear.

Don this power as Bard Aestri Yazar, Dead by Daylight’s new Survivor. Unknowingly, a quest to ensure the balance of good and evil led her to her final adventure in a place not often – if ever – sung about.

But fear not, for so long as they have their wit and voice, a Bard is not alone. Their words, and the magic weaved through them, offer access to 3 unique perks.

Mirrored Illusion spawns a static copy of the Survivor in front of a Totem, Chest, Generator or Exit Gate for a limited time before deactivating. Bardic Inspiration empowers allies through a stirring performance. While standing still, begin a performance that gives nearby party members a temporary buff to Skill Checks once completed. How much of a boost they receive, however, is determined by the roll of a d20. When not in motion for a set amount of time, Still Sight automatically activates, revealing the aura of the Killer as well as all nearby Generators and Chests.

In addition to Aestri the Elf, players can choose to play as a male-presenting human Bard, named Baermar Uraz. Several Outfits and accessory options are also available for each Bard, because what’s an adventurer without their gear?

A Tower. A Lair. A Dungeon.

The setting for this journey lies in the Forgotten Ruins, a thrilling new Map which is part of the Decimated Borgo Realm. It is here that Vecna has chosen to make his domain. Beneath the ruins of a ravaged tower lies an underground lair of terrible experiments, arcane lore, horrifying secrets, and even some surprises for long-time D&D fans.

New Gameplay: The Dice Decides All

It wouldn’t be Dungeons & Dragons without the dice roll and loot. When playing against Vecna, 7 Chests are scattered across the Map. Seeking out their loot gives access to untold powers.

When opening one of these Chests, a d20 is rolled to determine its contents. Rolling a 2 to 4 gets you a regular Dead by Daylight item. Rolling a 5 to 19 evens the playing field with a Magic Item. Each Survivor can equip up to 2 Magic Items at once, a pair of Boots and a pair of Gauntlets. Each of these Magic Items activate when Vecna casts a given spell and is designed to counter it.

The Boots/Gauntlets of the Interloper reveals the Aura of Pallets affected by Mage Hand as and gives Haste for 3 seconds. The Boots/Gauntlets of the Nightwatch give the Survivor a glimpse of the spectral entities conjured by Flight of the Damned. The Boots/ Gauntlets of the Archivist reveals the Aura of Vecna’s Dispelling Sphere The Boots/Gauntlets of the Skyguard let the Survivor see Vecna’s Aura when he casts Fly.

Rolling a 20, a critical success, grants one of two powerful Magic Items that can be used like a Perk.

The Eye of Vecna allows the user to vanish for a brief period after exiting a Locker and grants them Haste. The Hand of Vecna allows the user to teleport from one Locker to another.If you’re lucky enough to get both, legend has it you can even combine their abilities.

They may be powerful, but power comes at a cost. Each time they are called upon, their user loses a Health State, so choose your moment wisely. As for the unlucky adventurers who roll a 1, a critical fail… a nasty surprise awaits.

Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons is available now on all supported platforms.

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