Not that long ago, WayForward and Atari announced Yars Rising, a side scrolling action platformer, and sequel to the classic Atari game Yars’ Revenge. It’s scheduled for release sometime in 2024 on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s going to offer the experience for diehard Atari fans out there.

While Yars Rising is a 2D action adventure exploration/expansive mystery solved through platforming action, it’s actually going to incorporate a lot of elements from Atari’s history in general. In a Nintendo Life interview with WayForward’s James Montagna, we learn that all sorts of Atari Easter eggs are hidden throughout the experience.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be a Yars game if there were no Easter Eggs. I don’t think I’ve told anyone and no one’s covered this yet, but this game isn’t just Yars, it’s a love letter to Atari. So other Atari IPs and brands will appear throughout the game in very significant places. You’ll have to look forward to what those are, but it’s just full of Atari love, details, Easter Eggs, and that sort of thing…

[WayForward's James Montagna]

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