The Fallout series is hotter than ever right now, thanks to the hit show on Amazon Prime. The TV series’ success has boosted sales of multiple Fallout games in a huge way, and it also has more people talking about the franchise than ever before. It’s clear Fallout’s going through bit of a renaissance right now, and that interest convinced one fan to work up a very interesting port.

Redditor Loopuze1 says they always wanted to play the first Fallout and have had it for years, but their computer wasn’t powerful enough to run it. What do you do when you want to play Fallout but your PC can’t handle it? You take on a custom port for the 3DS, of course! Seems like the process wasn’t even that arduous, and apparent the port runs great.

We’ve got no doubt Bethesda is incredibly happy with just how many people are talking about and playing Fortnite right now, but we’re not so sure if they’d be happy with gamers enjoying an unofficial port on the 3DS. That said, Loopuze1 does show how to get this port working on the 3DS with legitimately-purchased versions of Fallout, so it’s very much on the up-and-up.

If you’d like to see more of the port in action or learn how to enjoy this yourself, you can read the original Reddit thread.

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