Ever since Death started knocking on E3’s door Geoff Keighley has attempted to fill the gap left by the show’s absence with his own Summer Game Fest. The event has run yearly since 2020 and while Geoff has managed to wrangle Sony and Microsoft into making an appearance at the show Nintendo has of now not made the same commitment.

When asked about this missing gap in the lineup at a Summer Game Fest Q and A on Twitch Keighley made the unsurprising statement that he would love for the Big N to be a big part of the show, though he does understand that they tend to stick to their own schedules.

“Never really had Nintendo be a big part of Summer Game Fest yet, we always hope that it’ll be the right year for them to come in and get involved, but it hasn’t happened yet…It’s nice to have a couple announcements from companies, but it’s nice to spread things around across different places…they kind of need their own thing to support all that stuff…it’s an always evolving landscape…Summer Game Fest is you know, is not just a two hour show, it is really is a whole sort of time period…we don’t lay claim to those events, those companies are doing those events but we try and bring everyone together so the audience can sort of have a journey through all these announcements”

[Geoff Keighley]

Given the fact that Nintendo was one of the first companies to abandon E3 press conferences in favor of going all in on the Nintendo Direct format it’s hard to imagine them ever joining the festivities. That said, Nintendo does make albeit infrequent announcements at Keighley’s other event, The Game Awards, so it’s possible Nintendo could start getting more involved with Summer Game Fest in the future; especially with a new console to promote on the way.

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13d ago

Nintendo pioneered doing their own thing with Nintendo Directs. They're not going to move from that, easily.


12d ago

King of the Nepo Babies can pretend Nintendo is planning around SGF all he wants, it's just not true. Nintendo doesn't pay to play Keighley, and they don't need your hype train. The disrespect shown to the people who actually made achievements at the game awards in order to make more space for ads and previews probably doesn't sway them either.