Publisher Prototype released the romance visual novel Kanon on Switch back on April 20th, 2023. Unfortunately, that release was only in Japan, and there weren’t any language options besides Japanese. The good news is that’s about the change.

While we don’t know if Kanon will get an official release outside of Japan, we do know that the Switch version is going to get a free English language update in honor of the game’s 25th anniversary. There’s no date for the update just yet, but it’s said to be coming soon. Once it does release, you can just hop on the Switch eShop in Japan, snag the game, and then switch to English to enjoy.

Kanon is a narrative-driven game that features a branching plot line. Following five main female characters and their time with the player character Yuichi Aizawa, players will be able to piece together Yuichi’s lost memories by interacting with other characters.

This enhanced port of the original game brings all-new adjustments to the colors of the game’s visuals, a modernized 16:9 aspect ratio, and more.

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11d ago

Ahem. Should I wait and see if Limited Run will step in for another western release, or should I import the japanese game immediately?