Two dragons rise again… in one complete package! Arc System Works America, Inc. today announced the opening of North American pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch™ package version of the Double Dragon Collection!

This collection includes six titles in one package from the iconic DOUBLE DRAGON fight game series that helped define an entire subgenre. Follow brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee’s journey as they master the martial arts and fight against the Black Shadow Warriors. Each game in the collection has four slots for saving game progress, as well as video options for different resolutions, screen sizes, scanline types, and wallpapers. Players can also adjust the volume, quality of sound effects, and reverb levels.

Games featured in the Double Dragon Collection include the following:

  • DOUBLE DRAGON (1988)
  • DOUBLE DRAGON II: The Revenge (1989)
  • DOUBLE DRAGON III: The Sacred Stones (1991)
  • Super Double Dragon (1992)
  • Double Dragon Advance (2003)
  • Double Dragon IV (2017)

In celebration of the collection, Arc System Works has teamed with Japanese gaming merch company Kumagumi for new licensed DOUBLE DRAGON merch. This includes a limited edition The Black Warriors Print (MG Willy, Abobo, Burnov, Williams and Linda), designed by MrGenzoman, best known for his illustrations on the Double Dragon Neon game and numerous publications for Udon Entertainment. This 18” x 24” fine art print poster pays tribute to the villain characters from the first and second Double Dragon installments. Also available is the Billy & Jimmy T-Shirt, inspired by the visuals of the Famicom version of the first Double Dragon game and paying tribute to the two famous protagonists Billy and Jimmy.

The Double Dragon Collection releases in North America this June 14 on Nintendo Switch™ in physical copies only. Pre-orders for North America are now available here.

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15d ago

I would like this digitally. Are all of the games on a single cart, or are six different carts included in the package? Do the digital versions on the eShop include all of the same features, such as the 4 save slots and the resolution options? Would I be missing out on any game features if I purchase all of these digitally instead of buying the physical collection?


15d ago


The game is the same no matter if it is digital or physical, so you will not miss anything if you favor one over the other. The physical version comes with all six games on one game card.
Dunno about the features though.