SABORUS puts the player in the shoes of a helpless chicken trying to escape the horrors of an industrial slaughterhouse! In the early stages of development, Saborus attracted a lot of attention in the middle of 2023. Soon enough, the game will make its way to Switch players around the world.

Jean Lima, an independent developer and resident of a small town in the north of Brazil, came up with the idea for the game precisely because he had a pet chicken and suffered when his beloved pet died. From then on, Jean began to reflect on the daily horror that animals that are part of most people’s diet suffer.

Brazilian independent publisher and studio QUByte Interactive quickly understood the game’s potential and creativity and teamed up with Jean and his High Room Game Studio to release the game simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Saborus is a completely different kind of horror and suspense game that puts the player in the vulnerable role of a chicken inside a slaughterhouse owned by a large food industry company called Saborus. The player finds themselves in the role and the daily terror that animals destined for human consumption find themselves in every day. With no special powers, no weapons and completely vulnerable, the player must escape from a dark and frightening place where everything has been specifically designed to kill.

The player must guide the chicken by solving puzzles and using a few objects, one at a time, with its beak, to escape certain death while being chased by slaughterhouse workers and also by other scarier things that are the result of genetic manipulation and experiments by the food company. The ultimate goal is to survive in the most oppressive, suffocating and frightening environment you’ve ever seen.

Saborus is entering the quality testing and porting phase for consoles and a release date has yet to be announced.

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