Fireside bumped to June 18th, 2024 on Switch

Still need to stoke the flames

04 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Fireside was supposed to launch on PC and Switch today, but sadly that’s no longer the case. While the PC version is indeed out now, Switch owners will have to wait just a bit longer. No reason was given for the delay, but Switch fans only have to wait until June 18th, 2024 to get their hands on this one.

In Fireside dive into a magical world where a captivating narrative unfolds through a whimsical hiking adventure. Explore a beautifully hand-drawn landscape as you travel between campsites and meet a diverse cast of fellow travelers. Each evening, gather around cozy campfires where the heart of the game lies. Engage in nonviolent gameplay through trading, cooking, and making dialogue choices that generate “soul energy” – a magical currency for upgrading the player’s home. These gatherings form the heart of Fireside’s enchantment, fostering a profound sense of fellowship and connection between characters.

Fireside Features:

Campfire Conversations: Gather around the campfire with friends and engage in meaningful, heartwarming or whimsical conversations.

Trade and Barter System: Each character has their own wants and needs. Collect various items and trade with other travelers.

Cooking: Explore 50+ recipes to cook at the campfire. Cook the items fellow travelers desire and trade with them.

Home Building and Improvement: Collect materials and soul energy to enhance your home base. Invite friends to visit, turning your space into a hub for shared experiences.

Helping Hand Philosophy: Emphasizes compassion and empathy. Non-violent interactions contribute to the well-being of others.

Tranquil Ambiance: Fireside provides a calming atmosphere for a break from everyday life. Enjoy nature sounds, campfire crackles, and soothing music for a peaceful experience.

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