Japanese indie developer Odencat Inc. announced today their latest adventure game Mousebusters will be coming to Switch in 2024. The game follows a protagonist who gets mysteriously transformed into a mouse and must now rid a haunted apartment building of ghosts to break the curse.

The day after moving into your new living space, you wake up to find that you’ve been inexplicably transformed into a mouse. Luckily, you soon meet a hard-boiled rodent with a crass but loveable manner of speaking who asks you to call him “Chief.” He claims he can help you turn back into a human…if you’re willing to undertake a few missions for him in return. Together, you’ll form the titular team, and embark on expeditions to bust the ghosts that haunt each unit and break the curse on the apartment building.

The apartment is home to a variety of residents, each with their own unique background and personality quirks. The ghosts seem to prey upon the tenants’ negative emotions and insecurities, and won’t reveal themselves immediately, so good observation skills and quick thinking will be the key to exorcising them. You’ll have to scour each room while avoiding detection to solve environmental puzzles and manipulate the tenants in just the right way to draw out the ghosts!

But don’t think these phantoms will go down without a fight! You’ll have to use your trusty ghost zapper to protect yourself from projectiles and hit their weak points in tense showdowns in order to bust them for good. You can also train your sharpshooting skills through a virtual simulator on an in-game terminal, and even earn some sweet loot if you manage to rack up enough points!

With a little persistence, you might be able to vanquish the ghosts, but your job doesn’t end there! You’ll also have to dive headfirst into a full-blown conspiracy surrounding the apartment building and uncover the Chief’s secret past to purge the darkness once and for all… Can you reach the end of this rabbit hole, or will you succumb to the ghastly ghouls lurking below the floorboards?

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