Martin Gauer, an indie game developer at 2nd Law Games, has unveiled the first demo of Self Simulated, a fast-paced action platformer for the original Game Boy Color that plays like a modern title.

In Self Simulated, you, the player, awaken without any memories and hear a voice in your head informing you that you’ve recently died. Your mind was mapped before and transferred into a robot body, which you now must synchronize with by navigating the facility, overcoming obstacles, and battling enemy robots.

This challenging game combines precise platforming with one-hit enemy combat. An instant level reload feature ensures that frustration stays low, even if mastering a level proves difficult. To accommodate various skill levels, Self Simulated includes assist settings that allow players to adjust the game’s overall difficulty.

A demo is available at 2nd Law Games’ page, where you can play for free directly in your web browser or download the ROM for emulators and real devices (using a flashcard).

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