There were rumors of a May 25th, 2022 release day for Roller Champions, and today Ubisoft confirmed that date to be true. The thing is, it seems the Switch version of the game is completely missing from any of the discussion.

Ubisoft’s new trailers, website, and dev feature for Roller Champions don’t mention Switch in any way. There’s not even a whisper of what’s going on with the Switch version. The only place you can still find the Switch mentioned is in the source code for the official site.

We’re reaching out to Ubisoft for comment on the matter. Until we get that, you can check out some of the other videos and features released today below.

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2y ago


This article is incorrect.

1:10 of the Dev Stream video posted today: "We're happy to announce that we're actively working on bringing Roller Champions to Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and mobile in the future."