ConcernedApe is the man behind Stardew Valley, and he’s been plugging away at the title for 12+ years now. The latest bit of content for the game is the Version 1.6 update, which should be landing on Switch any day now. Should fans consider this update the final sendoff for Stardew Valley? According to ConcernedApe, never say never.

PC Gamer had a chance to chat with ConcernedApe about all things Stardew Valley, and they touched on the topic of future updates to the game. While nothing is set in stone, it does sound like the window has been left cracked for more content down the road.

I feel like I could keep working on the game forever, every aspect of the game could be enriched. But I’ve now spent 12 years working on this so at some point you have to move on or focus on something new.

Nothing is planned but I’m not going to say the book is closed. I don’t make big plans. I like to just see what happens. I don’t want to be locked down. I don’t know how I’ll be feeling. Once 1.6 is squared away, I will try to take a break. I want to turn my attention towards Haunted Chocolatier. I’m not going to say [there’s] no chance for more updates, that would be foolish.

[Stardew Valley creator, ConcernedApe]

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