The Spring 2024 update has gone live in Ooblets. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

The Glimmyglobe crafting system is back with new rewards:

  • 4 new potted plants to decorate your house with
  • 1 new floor style for your house
  • 1 new costume we think you’ll really like!


  • Notes is a history of previously opened mail and a log of the discoverables you’ve encountered. It’s accessible right from the grumboire.


  • You can now sort your inventory and containers! Finally!

Oobcoop pop-up UI

  • See which ooblets are assigned to an oobcoop without having to enter it!

Event info on main menu

  • Now you can see if there’s an event running and when it will end from the main menu


  • Missing textures in Spring Event system
  • News item fallback display issues
  • Fancy dress shoe display issue
  • Tippytop coat not always being given
  • Workaround added for if people get stuck in certain Badgetown modes
  • Fixed issue where sometimes players get stuck in oobnet panels with no way to exit

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