Bandai Namco’s Bandai Spirits line already offers an extensive collection of Pokémon models and toys, but there’s always room for more. Those who are into collecting and building these pocket monsters can look forward to a new batch making their way to retail later this year.

The Bandai Spirits brand will be putting out a series of Pokémon model kits for Red and Blue starters, Scarlet and Violet starters, and Scizor. These sets are priced at $13.81, and they’ll be out in Japan come November 2024. The Scizor model kit is cheaper at $9.92, but that one doesn’t release until December 2024.

While the two starters model kits feature static figures, Scizor is a bit different. That model includes articulated arm and claw parts, as well as effect parts to replicate moves. Hopefully we get information on a stateside release for all of these models in the near future.

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