Suda51 made plenty of games before and after No More Heroes, but it was the Travis Touchdown franchise that really put him on the map. It’s also been his most successful, with multiple sequels, a spin-off, and ports a-plenty. That would make another entry in the franchise a lock, right? Well, Suda51 isn’t so sure about that.

Eurogamer had the chance to chat with Suda51 about No More Heroes, and they asked if we can expect more No More Heroes titles in the future. As No More Heroes is owned by Marvelous rather than Suda’s Grasshopper Manufacture, the decision unfortunately isn’t up to him.

“Honestly, not even I know that. Of course I’d love to see him again, but to be honest it’s simply not my call to make.”


With Suda51 showing a desire to return to Travis’ world, hopefully Marvelous ends up feeling the same way some day. Let’s hope the stars align and Travis ends up touching down on the Switch’s successor.

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15d ago

Not every franchise needs to go on forever.