Lorelei and The Laser Eyes sequel not likely, says dev team

I'm giving Simogo laser eyes right now

05 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Annapurna Interactive and Simogo released Lorelei and The Laser Eyes, a modern take on puzzle adventure games, on Switch just a few weeks back. The game was met with near universal praise at launch, which obviously turned the conversation to sequel interest shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Games Horizon had the chance to talk to Simogo’s Simon Flesser about the making of Lorelei and The Laser Eyes, and the topic of a potential sequel came up. Flesser made it pretty clear that that’s a route the studio is looking to take, as they’ve never released sequels for their other titles. While not officially denied, Flesser did say a follow-up wasn’t likely.

In Lorelei and The Laser Eyes, the stage is set. Imagine an old baroque manor, perhaps a hotel or a museum, somewhere in central Europe. A woman wanders in search of answers. An international auteur. What does he want? An aristocratic artist. Who killed her? A vagabond illusionist. Who is he? And you, the wandering woman. Why are you here? Watch carefully, observe. Numbers. Patterns. Puzzles. Are they all part of a macabre game, a complot, a simple treasure hunt? Take a journey into the nightmarish surreality, and answer these questions to solve the enigma of ”Lorelei and the Laser Eyes”.

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