Auroch Digital and Positech Games have announced the release of Democracy 4: Console Edition, now available on Nintendo Switch. This political simulation game allows players to step into the shoes of a national leader, making critical decisions that will shape the future of their country.

Lead Your Nation to Glory (or Failure)

In Democracy 4: Console Edition, you can lead one of ten countries, including the USA, UK, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. Your role as the leader is to introduce new policies, tweak existing laws, and navigate the complex landscape of national and international politics. Each decision you make will have both positive and negative impacts, challenging you to balance the needs and demands of your citizens.

Realistic Political Simulation

The Democracy series, which began in 2005, has been praised for its realistic and immersive political simulations. Democracy 4, which launched on Steam in January 2022 and received a Very Positive rating from over 4,000 reviews, takes inspiration from real-world political events and the current political climate to create a believable and engaging gameplay experience. Now, console players can enjoy this intricate simulation with controls optimized for console gameplay.

Key Features of Democracy 4: Console Edition

  • Begin Your Political Career: Choose to lead one of ten countries and start your journey towards creating a memorable legacy.
  • Lead Your Country Your Way: Implement new policies and modify existing bills to sway public opinion and gain momentum in the polls.
  • React to Political Events: Handle ongoing political situations and crises that make headlines, and see how your decisions affect public perception.
  • Survive Your Tenure: Face various challenges, including public dissent and potential assassination attempts, as you navigate your time in office.
  • Prepare for Elections: Craft a compelling manifesto to win voter support and secure re-election, balancing realistic promises with necessary political maneuvers.

A New Experience for Console Players

With the release of Democracy 4: Console Edition, players can enjoy a political simulation experience tailored specifically for console controllers. This adaptation ensures smooth gameplay and easy navigation through the complex decision-making processes that the game entails.

Will You Make It to the End of Your Reign?

As the leader of your chosen country, you will need to manage your policies carefully to win the next election. Some citizens will support your decisions, while others will oppose them vehemently. Your ability to handle unforeseen events and public crises will determine your success. Can you maintain the delicate balance required to lead effectively, or will your political career end in disappointment?

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