An update is available for Pinball FX. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Knight Rider Pinball:

  • Leaderboards have been reset to ensure fair competition after fixes
  • Fixed a crash when activating the Wizard mode
  • Fixed an issue where a ball could launch onto the table when not supposed to
  • Fixed an exploit where Billions could be gained in moments
  • Third successful skill shot will now add to the score and indicate a successful shot
  • It is no longer possible to get extra balls during the 1-ball Challenge
  • Fixed an issue where if you got SPM Mode from the Knight Award, the ball could have gotten stuck in the hole
  • Fixed an issue when the ball could stuck in the plunger area during auto cruise mode
  • Normal Physics: The ball coming from the saucer without hitting it won’t go down the middle
  • Skillshot targets should now be visible in portrait mode

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14d ago

Hadn’t played in about a month before the Knight Rider table launched couldn’t believe how bad performance was on the switch. Tons of pauses & shutters. Shame as it was pretty decent before that update.