A Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Exhibition is being held in Japan from July 19th to Sept. 8th, 2024 at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo. In advance of the exhibition’s kickoff, we’ve gotten a look at one of the items that’ll be on display.

Those heading to the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Exhibition will get to check out a life-sized replica of the Kakaru Kumo Naki sword from Monster Hunter Rise. This replica took a whopping 3 years to make, measures 7.2 feet long, and weighs a massive 331 pounds. Not just any monster hunter would be able to wield this bad boy!

This is just one item that’ll be on display at the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Exhibition, with plenty of other replicas, art pieces, and more slotted for the event. If you’d like a refresher on some of the attractions lined up for this exhibition, you can check out the official site here.

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