Happen to be a big Pokémon fan who loves spending time in the kitchen? If so, Japanese utensil company Nousaku is working on a series of must-have items.

Nousaka is bringing their new like of Pokémon-inspired items to retail spaces in Japan and their online store July 1st, 2024. The lineup includes the following:

  • Poké Ball-shaped bowl for $70.45
  • Ditto-shaped tray for $45.80

Those who pick up these items through the official Nousaka stores will get to take home a bonus exclusive sticker while supplies last.

On top of the merch, Nousaku is also running a Pokémon-themed casting workshop at its factory in Takaoka City from July 1st, 2024, to September 30th, 2024. Those who attend will be able to craft a chopstick rest with a Pokémon motif featuring Charizard, Sandshrew, Ditto, or Chimecho.

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13d ago

That Ditto bowl is cool and all, but it reminds me too much of a Metal Babble [or Liquid Metal Slime] - and if there's one thing that goes well with any dish is thinking of mercury poisoning