The “Summer Update” for Hogwarts Legacy (build ver. 1219317) is now available. Check out the full patch notes for the update below.

This Patch unlocks the Haunted Shop mission previously available only to Sony platforms on Switch, as well as all previously exclusive items and cosmetics, including:

  • The Onyx Hyppogriff mount.
  • The Felix Felicis Potion.
  • The Shopkeeper Cosmetic set.

It also includes new, never seen before cosmetic items, AND a new broom:

  • The Lavender Borealis.
  • The Azkaban Themed gear.
  • The Circular Taped Spectacles.

A Photo Mode has also been added to allow players to capture screenshots of their Hogwarts Legacy experience and all their newly unlocked cosmetics. *Photo mode will become available after completing the mission to gain access to the field guide.

In addition, this patch will also provides players with a talent point reset function, to re-build your ideal Witch/Wizard without having to start a new playthrough. Multiple bugs have also been addressed (Details below).


  • Implemented several updated localized Voice Over retakes for Japanese and Spanish.
  • Fixed the Brazilian Portuguese translation of “Silver Rim Spectacles”.
  • Fixed a Typo in the “Wingardium Leviosa” French spell description.
  • Fixed several Voice Over cut-offs throughout the game.
  • Fixed instance where downloading and applying the language packs would cause avatar dialogue not to play and relative subtitles to disappear.


  • Fixed several Voice Over cut-offs throughout the game.


  • Removed butterflies misleading players to previously opened treasure chests.
  • Fixed instance where an unbreakable giant pumpkin asset would make a treasure chest unobtainable in Feldcroft.
  • Fixed Instance that using the Swift talent on the edge of the map would cause mission progression to linger on the “Seach for the Rune Symbol” step.
  • Fixed instance where the Phoenix could spawn at a random location before reaching the nest at the end of the mission.
  • Fixed instance where using the waiting function would linger to either day or nighttime without any change.
  • Fixed instance where the gate to the final fight could be found closed, preventing player progression.


  • Fixed instance where Lodgok would occasionally remain stuck inside the Hogshead in Hogsmeade instead of traveling to the Witch’s Tomb, preventing player progression.


  • Fixed instance where it wouldn’t be possible for the avatar to climb and reach a treasure chest in the High Keep.


  • Fixed instance where the map icon leading to location of the entrance to the vault near Manor Cape would be misleading.


  • Updated Credits
  • Fixed instance where a save game would become corrupted when saving or leaving the title right after defeating Solomon Sallow.

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