Publisher eastasiasoft are thrilled to announce that 2D survival horror adventure Dead of Darkness is in development and expected to release for Switch later this year! eastasiasoft recently partnered with Retrofiction Games to add professional voiceovers to the project, covering 25 spoken roles across the complex horror narrative.

Inspired by genre classics in gaming and cinema, Dead of Darkness puts players in the shoes of Miles Windham and Olivia Greene as they head to Velvet Island, the location of a mental hospital that entangles them in a series of dark secrets. Gameplay is presented in old-school top-down pixel art, while fully voiced dialogue accompanies detailed HD character portraits.

In 1985 England, private investigator Miles Windham follows a lead on the mysterious death of his daughter to Velvet Island. But once he arrives on the island, he soon realizes that the residents are behaving strangely. In fact, there is a growing hostility towards the investigator that feels as though it’s becoming stronger by the minute. It doesn’t take long for the situation to escalate, and Miles finds himself in a struggle for his own survival.

Dead of Darkness is a 2D survival horror action-adventure presented in a mix of old-school pixel art and HD character illustrations. Velvet Island comes to life in grotesque detail as Miles and newfound ally Olivia search Graham Memorial mental hospital and its surrounding facilities. Explore in top-down style, carefully manage ammunition, find key items and interact with dozens of unique and memorable characters, all professionally voiced by an international cast.

Key Features:

  • Experience a dark and grotesque survival horror inspired by genre classics!
  • Navigate pixel art environments in retro top-down style.
  • Meet a large cast of memorable friends and foes, all fully voiced by a professional cast!
  • Discover key items, maps, clues and files to gain access to new and dangerous facilities.
  • Equip various weapons, from pistols and knives to shotguns and more, but watch your ammo!
  • Take down monstrous enemy hordes and face off against massive bosses.
  • Enjoy meticulously animated sprites and a hauntingly atmospheric original soundtrack!
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