Monster Jam Showdown "Freestyle" Trailer

Just remember to wear your seatbelt

06 June 2024
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Gravity-defying stunts and jaw-dropping flips headline the new Monster Jam™ Showdown Freestyle trailer released today by Milestone and Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

A number of events taking place in ramp-filled locations and a comprehensive tutorial will help fans unleash their creativity and perform the most spectacular stunts. From bicycles to moonwalks, to donuts and stoppies, Monster Jam lovers will feel the core of real-life events.

Players will be able to experience the Freestyle mayhem both in stadiums inspired by the venues hosting official events as well as in open-air arenas with distinctive looks and styles. Whereas stadiums will provide the atmosphere of the official competitions featuring ramps and annihilated cars, three themed outdoor environments will transport players to iconic and extreme locales. With stunning visuals reminiscent of Alaska’s rugged terrain, Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes, and the unforgiving land of Death Valley, players will discover original layouts designed to fuel player creativity for the craziest tricks including moonflips, big air, and others.

Push the limits of your truck farther than the real drivers by destroying objects such as drones, hanging targets, and huge board structures to keep increasing the combo multiplier.

Monster Jam Showdown will be available on Switch Aug. 29, 2024, with Early Access available starting Aug. 26, 2024.

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