A release window has been announced for Neon Blood. The RPG graphic adventure from developer ChaoticBrain Studios and publisher Meridiem Games will be released for Switch sometime in Q4 2024. Check out the latest trailer above and more details below!

Explore the cyberpunk world of Neon Blood, meet mysterious characters, and see gameplay in this latest trailer for the upcoming RPG graphic adventure. Neon Blood will be available in Q4 2024.

Year 2053, the world as we know it came to an end in a war lost in time. Now, only inequality remains, in the form of Viridis, the great city that encompasses the dangerous Blind City and the luxurious Bright City. Axel McCoin, once a police detective, will become the key piece to unmask a whole plot of corruption and power that plagues the unstable peace of Viridis.

[Guerrilla Collective]

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