During the Access-Ability Summer Showcase, accessibility features from the upcoming Metroidvania-lite meets cooking game Magical Delicacy were revealed.

A wholesome adventure set in an enchanting world, Magical Delicacy invites you to play as the young witch Flora, who travels to the adventurer’s town of Grat to grow her magical skills and fulfill her dream of becoming a fully-fledged witch. Upon arriving, she takes up shop to cook meals and potions for the diverse cast of characters, from the charming townsfolk and mysterious travelers to forgotten figures of legend and masters of their craft. As she traverses the cozy harbor town, she’ll discover the stories of the townsfolk and learn that there is more to Grat than meets the eye.

Collect an assortment of inspiring ingredients from shops, foraging through the town, and by growing them in your garden, cook up a storm in your upgradeable kitchen using a variety of tools and deliver your meals to fulfill the orders from hungry townsfolk. Explore the unfamiliar town of Grat, learn new ways to traverse, discover secrets, and experience a unique and witchy world one dish at a time.

Some of the accessibility features in Magical Delicacy include:

  • Easy platforming options that disable disappearing platforms
  • High contrast options, including character outline toggle and the ability to darken the background for increased visibility
  • A variety of dialogue options, including effects toggle options, dialogue autoplay options, and a selection of fonts to choose from
  • Control rebinding for keyboard, mouse, and gamepads
  • Button hold and quick-time event toggles

Magical Delicacy will be available on Switch July 16, 2024.

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