Quite awhile back, Thunderful revealed SteamWorld Headhunter, a third-person action adventure that won’t see release until sometime 2023. While we all thought that was it for the SteamWorld franchise, Thunderful has revealed that three more entries are in the works.

While we don’t know the names of these projects, we do have codenames a gameplay details for each. You can see the breakdown for these new SteamWorld games below.

Codename ‘Strawberry’

  • puzzle game
  • mobile

Codename ‘Coffee’

  • city-building game
  • PC and console

Codename ‘Caramel’

  • turn-based tactical shooter/strategy game
  • PC, console, and mobile

It seems these titles will see release sometime in 2023 or 2024, and it’s likely we’ll see at least one of them sooner in 2023 than we think. I guess ‘Strawberry’ is out of the question for Switch release, but both ‘Coffee’ and ‘Caramel’ are definitely possible.


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2y ago

Oh yes! They are one of my favorite developers. Caramel = Steam world heist 2 maybe?
Coffee sounds interesting. A city builder could be fun.