Some of gaming’s biggest names have come together to request ROM removals from a decades-old website known for aiding emulation.

Nintendo, SEGA and Sony have hit Vimm’s Lair with tons of takedown requests for their games, and the website is complying. Vimm’s Lair is one of the oldest emulation depositories around, and it honestly seems quite odd that Nintendo and other big-name companies haven’t gone after the website sooner. We’re not sure what spurred them on now, but these major gaming studies have all jumped in at the same time to get their content yanked.

Vimm’s Lair has released a short statement on the matter, and you can read it in full below.

“Vimm’s Lair has been asked to remove many games from The Vault on behalf of Nintendo, Sega, Lego, and the ESA. While most of these games (and the hardware to play them) haven’t been sold in decades, ultimately it’s their prerogative so these games are now gone for good.”

Again, none of the companies involved have explained why they made their move now, but it seems likely it’s tied to Apple’s decision to allow emulation apps on their platform. Even Vimm’s Lair posted a statement a few weeks back saying that their website was bombarded with traffic following Apple’s shift, causing server disruptions and more.


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14d ago

A thing about copyrights that some people forget include getting popular with others copyrights isn't allowed just as much as making money off them. The moment you blow up in popularity, you will have IP holders breathing down your neck.

There's no statue of limitations either. Though I do recognize some people do use copyrights without permission to blow up in popularity so that they 180 to make "original" content so they can be hitting money and additional popularity right out the gate instead of having to wait out word of mouth to build results.

The Streisand Effect, but weaponized by infringers basically.

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