MLB The Show 24 "Season 2" now live

Step up to the plate

07 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Season 2 is here! Welcome back to June’s Drive to Diamond Live Content Update, introducing powerful Hall of Fame Legends, a sneak preview at All-Star Week, and more!

Earn your call up from the minors to the big leagues and prove you’ve got what it takes at the top in MLB The Show 24, now available on Switch. Learn from the legends of the sport, take inspiration from their heroics, and use it to improve your game. Whatever happens, know you left nothing in the dugout.

Celebrate and learn about baseball legends throughout the sport’s history. The Storylines mode transports you into baseball’s past to relive iconic moments of baseball’s legends like Josh Gibson and Derek Jeter. Experience career-defining moments through a combination of immersive gameplay that may inspire you to make history of your own.

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