Live your Quidditch fantasy solo or with friends in Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. The match begins on all consoles September 3, 2024. Fans and gamers will be able to immerse themselves into the enchanting world of Quidditch through solo play, cooperative online matches with friends or in competitive online player vs. player games.

Featuring iconic wizarding world locations, characters, and references that fans will love, Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions highlights the rush of flying across legendary arenas as either a Beater, Chaser, Keeper or Seeker in a variety of modes. From backyard battles in the Weasley Burrow to high-stakes showdowns at the Quidditch World Cup, players will soar into legendary arenas playing as - or against - iconic characters such as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and many other quintessential characters.

As a special gift, players who own Hogwarts Legacy will receive the Bonus Legacy Pack when they download Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions and connect to their WB Games account.

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