Outright Games, the leading publisher of family-friendly video games, has revealed Matchbox Driving Adventures, the first game launching as part of their multi-year partnership with major toy brand Mattel. Matchbox: Driving Adventures will be available September 20th, 2024 on Switch.

Matchbox Driving Adventures will allow players to unlock, customize, and race digital versions of their favorite authentic Matchbox vehicles. Compete alone, or with up to four friends in local multiplayer and embark on epic missions across six diverse environments, speeding through various tracks all with multiple variants offering plenty of ways to put the pedal to the metal.

Designed for all styles of play, Matchbox Driving Adventures offers two distinct game modes. In Adventure Mode, players explore Matchbox Adventure Island at their leisure, solving intriguing problems for its inhabitants amidst rich, evolving landscapes. Alternatively, Competition Mode ramps up the excitement by featuring a series of uniquely varied tracks where players can compete for an exhilarating and enchanting racing experience.

Perfect for newcomers and longtime enthusiasts of the brand, Matchbox Driving Adventures offers a dynamic and captivating experience that honors the storied legacy of Matchbox, giving players the ability to:

  • Customize and race 12 original Matchbox vehicles
  • Explore six unique environments and race across 14 different tracks plus variations
  • Explore and complete over 30 quests in Adventure Mode
  • Compete with up to four players in local multiplayer in Competition Mode

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