Sunnyside High has a dark history. When Vivian enters the deserted corridors for a seance with the rebellious Amy, she suddenly ends up alone, and at the mercy of the monster who wanders the halls. Vivian must avoid its gaze, find her friend, and uncover the disturbing, murderous truth of a decades old tragedy.

Fear the Spotlight is a creepy love letter to classic 90s horror experiences with a focus on rich storytelling, puzzle solving, and a tense atmosphere. This is a perfect narrative horror game for those new to the genre.


  • Retro 3D art style: Visuals inspired by classic 90s horror games
  • Jump scare free: Enjoy a tense and creepy atmosphere without cheap frights
  • Exploration: Shine your torch into the many corners of Sunnyside High as you hunt for Amy
  • Puzzles: Solve tactile puzzles to progress and reveal the hidden secrets of the school
  • Stealth: Keep Vivian out of the spotlight’s fiery gaze in tense stealth sequences
  • Classic Teen horror: Discover the disturbing truth behind a tragic fire in the 1990s

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