The above picture is a sketch from Nintendo’s Takaya Imamura, and it’s one of the very first sketches of the Star Fox team. You’d think that would make it an invaluable piece of art that Nintendo held onto dearly, but in reality, it was almost discarded.

Instead of being in the hands of Nintendo, the above artwork is owned by Chris Stokes, who came into possession of the art by chance. The artwork was left in an office that Stokes worked in, and when he learned everything on that office was going to be thrown away, he rushed in to save the piece from destruction.

The artwork has since been confirmed legitimate by Star Fox developer Dylan Cuthbert, who said it was indeed created by Imamura.

Imamura said that it was one of the first pictures he drew – he drew quite a few back then of course, and Nintendo probably has them archived. I think this is the one I looked at when I named Fox, Slippy and Peppy (Imamura had already named Falco – he wanted an F-Zero style name).

That picture might be originally mine actually, that’s what I’m thinking. It would have been in a box with the other disks and source code. I’ve been searching for someone who maybe found a box of stuff like this at Argonaut after I left that had my old disks in it – I’m looking for the source code for X.

[Dylan Cuthbert]

If stokes didn’t rush into the office and grab this piece, it would have been lost forever. You have to wonder if Nintendo would like to have something like this back to display in their offices!

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2y ago

It sounds like Cuthbert wants that picture back! Good luck with that.


2y ago

Star fox is such a classic. Awesome designs and drawing

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2y ago

He'll buy it at a high price.


2y ago

Honestly not surprised Nintendo would throw out this art considering how they treat the Star Fox franchise.


2y ago

"If stokes didn’t", missing capital letter in his name.