PM Studios have a ton of games coming out this year, and plenty of other titles in the works. To keep everyone up to date on what the studio has in the works, they’ve shared a brand-new showcase video that highlights all sorts of games in just 5 minutes! We get plenty of updates on already-announced Switch games, but best of all, both ZOE Begone! and Extremely Powerful Capybaras are now confirmed for Switch as well.

Wondering what Switch games are showcased in PM Studios’ showcase? You can get a complete rundown below, along with more info on both ZOE Begone! and Extremely Powerful Capybaras.

  • Let’s School
  • Exophobia
  • Cricket: Jae’s Really Peculiar Game
  • My Time at Sandrock
  • WitchSpring R
  • DreadOut 2
  • ZOE Begone!
  • Extremely Powerful Capybaras
  • Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Ultimate
  • Kitsune Tails
  • Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog
  • The Courier
  • Another Space Opera
  • No Longer Human

ZOE Begone!

ZOE Begone! is a frenetic shooter combining the run-and-gun mechanics of Metal Slug with the infinite loops and shmup-ing of Resogun, wrapped up with old-fashioned drawn-on-film style animation. Fight your own creator as the artist bears down on you with pen and paintbrush!

All Zoe wants is some peace and quiet, but she’s gonna have to deal with the pesky animator before she’ll be able to get some rest.

Destroy the animator’s tools, blast their creations to bits, collect Apples to spend on Power Ups, rack up your multiplier, and reclaim your serene surroundings to help Zoe get back to normality as fast as you can (and bag yourself a high score in the process)!


  • Single Player shmup action!
  • Online Leaderboards!
  • Enemy chain scoring system
  • 3 game modes
  • 3 difficulty settings
  • Lovely drawn on film art style!
  • Loads hand animated enemies!
  • Unique art styles and enemy designs for each level
  • Awesome Boogie soundtrack!
  • Power ups and upgrades!
  • Gamepad / Keyboard support

Extremely Powerful Capybaras

These unique Capybaras will fight for their survival in this chaotic bullet heaven roguelite adventure! Whether you are solo or with a team, face hordes of enemies, collect coins, unlock weapons and skills, and become the mightiest capybaras of all!

Unleash the capy-power with a diverse range of capybara heroes, each boasting unique classes, weapons, and combat styles! Whether you’re a mighty Warrior or a melodious Bard, prepare to face hordes of enemies in style!

Are you a lone capy-warrior or a squad commander? Take on the adventure solo or team up with your capy-comrades through Online or Local Co-op for a fur-ocious fight!

Every run brings a fresh set of randomized skills and passives! Pick the perfect combo to complement your capy-build and make each run a unique and thrilling experience. Mix, match, and conquer!

Earned a hoard of Capy-Coins during your daring runs? Time to give your abilities a capy-boost! Visit the Upgrade Shop to exchange your well-earned coins for powerful ability upgrades. Enhance your gameplay, optimize your strategies, and unleash even greater capy-chaos!

Before diving into the action, indulge in some capybara-style relaxation by chilling in the hot springs. Savor the calm before the storm, as you and your companions gear up to showcase your Extremely Powerful Capybaras!

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